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Take your Judo to next level with Fuji's Judo Gi's Collection


Fuji Judo Gi's: Master the Art with Unparalleled Quality

Welcome to the realm of Fuji Judo Gi's, where tradition and excellence unite to create the perfect Judogi for mastering the art of Judo. Our Judo Gi's are meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of Judo practitioners, providing the ideal balance of durability, fit, and comfort. Crafted with precision since 1969, these Gi's honor the traditions of Judo while offering modern features that enhance your performance on the mat.

Experience the craftsmanship and dedication that Fuji Judo Gi's bring to your training. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Judoka, our Gi's offer the stability and freedom of movement required for executing techniques with precision. From rigorous training sessions to competitions, Fuji Judo Gi's ensure that you're equipped to face the challenges of Judo with confidence. Elevate your Judo journey with Fuji Judo Gi's and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this martial art.

Elevate Your Judo Experience: Fuji Judo Gi's

Elevate your Judo experience with Fuji Judo Gi's, the epitome of quality and tradition in martial arts attire. Our Gi's are designed to meet the standards of Judo practitioners while offering a comfortable fit that supports your movements. Whether you're engaging in throws, groundwork, or Randori, our Judo Gi's offer durability and a professional appearance. Embrace the spirit of Judo with Fuji Judo Gi's that reflect your dedication to the art and elevate your performance in training and competition.

Fuji Judo Gi's have been tried and tested for over 50 years and worn by many of the worlds best Judoka. No matter if your a casual dojo warrior or heading to the next National Championships you can ensure Fuji Sports has the quality to take you there. With a range for kids to adults in both single weave and double weave Judo Gi, Fuji share the same passion to help make you number one.