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Fuji Sekai Jiu-Jitsu Gi

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Sekai Gi - A3

This gi is absolutely incredible! The delivery time is ridiculously quick and the quality and care for the product is outstanding. Worth the price.

Love this Gi!

I am new to BJJ after years of taekwondo, karate and boxing. I found the standard Gi I was issued with at my gym to be very narrow in the legs and the jacket was extremely stiff (like cardboard) restricting my ability to move and roll on the mat. I set out to find a Gi that was softer and a little wider though the upper leg and knee area. I searched and read as many reviews and blogs as I could find to direct me to different brands, types of fabric and weave and different cuts in terms of jacket and pant designs. I came across several reviews that pointed me towards the Fuji Sekai gi. To be extra sure on sizing, I phoned Fuji Australia and was assisted by a very friendly and helpful woman who spent considerable time with me on the phone to help me find the right size. She also let me know that I could custom order a gi with different jacket and pant sizes if that would work better. I went ahead and ordered the Fuji Sekai in an A2 size. When it arrived and I tried it on - the fit was perfect, the jacket material soft enough to fit closely to my body and the pants had just the right amount of looseness to enable me to lift my knees up and roll comfortably on the mat. After washing in cold water - I could not detect any shrinkage - so the fit was just the same :) I am a very happy customer.I love this Gi!!

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